Maybe you’re discontented. Despairing. Or maybe you got what you always dreamed of… but it isn’t what you hoped.


In A Good Way Through, Kristen bares her disappointment and disillusion. She writes with deep honesty of her struggle, but also of the ways she was beloved, borne, and blessed by God—right in the middle of the journey. This is a story of faith and quiet healing, offering hope to the rest of us for finding the truth: When we open ourselves to God’s love, we will be transformed.  Kristen writes as a traveler and guide; she offers both her story and gentle instruction in the practices God used in her healing.


Do you long to be softened, rather than hardened, by difficulty? Are you ready to deepen your connection with God, yourself, and others? Are you looking for new practices to help open yourself to God’s transforming love?


Take heart—there is a good way through.









Praise for A Good Way Through:


"A book to savor... take your time with this one, linger, reflect, return. Kristen spans the continuum, from those internal, angry voices to heart-stopping gratitude and joy. She lets us into places very few people do, and we are different because of it."

Nancy Ortberg, author of Seeing in the Dark: Finding God's Light in the Most Unexpected Places


A Good Way Through is for the wanderer, the seeker, the daughter or son who desires healing but doubts the first steps to take. Here is the guide. Kristen’s wisdom and vulnerability will leave you breathless and inspired—hungry to pursue God in new and beautiful and life-changing ways.”

Jennifer J. Camp, author of Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things


“Kristen Kludt pulled it off. She has written a book that is at once wise, intimate, and brave, while also being beautifully crafted. There is an endless supply of books to read, but there are precious few books that feel like they are reading me. A Good Way Through is one of them. With each page I felt like I was being gently invited to follow Kludt’s lead, to become more present to the one precious life I’ve been given, and to journey into the unknown with courage and vulnerability and hope.”

John Pattison, co-author of Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus


"Kristen's courage is evidenced in her vulnerability about friendship, community life, and infertility, amongst others of life's struggles. Like a true friend, Kristen shares not only spiritual practices that have been life-giving to her, but also her wounds in a way which allows her readers to find healing and hope.”

A.J. Swoboda, PhD, professor, pastor, author of The Dusty Ones


"From my first read of the manuscript that became A Good Way Through, I knew I was encountering something special: a work whose sincere faith was not opposed to its honesty; whose beauty complemented its depth of truth. Privileged as I am to have worked with Kristen to develop her manuscript, I know this work better than most—and I am convinced that it rests in that special literary category of books that cannot merely be read, but must be wrestled, felt, and lived. God, it is said, rewards those who diligently seek him. In this book, Kristen has shared her reward with the world. How immensely generous. For that kindness, we should each be deeply grateful--and allow her wisdom to encourage our own journeys into hope."

Paul J. Pastor, author of The Face of the Deep: exploring the mysterious person of the Holy Spirit


"A Good Way Through uses story to invite us to a new imagination of a partnership with God, encouraging us to participate in his healing in our lives. Kristen’s practices, offered throughout, invite whole-person investigation, drawing us into the kind of learning that finds itself at home in our lives. This deeply-lived, beautifully written book will prove a generous friend for the journey towards hope and healing."

Mandy Smith, pastor, author of The Vulnerable Pastor: How Human Limitations Empower Our Ministries


“Being critical and assigning blame, particularly in the shadow of struggle, pain and crisis, are the easiest things to do. What is harder and far better is to ask what can be made of the elements and moments we are given, regardless of their darkness or light. Asking those questions and following them to their actionable end is what artists do. Kristen Kludt is an artist.” 

Justin McRoberts, author, songwriter


“Kristen Kludt is courageously offering her readers a glimpse into her experience of a reality of life too many of us seek to avoid.  In this book she doesn’t demand you to embrace or even follow her path toward healing, rather she simply reveals her journey with pain, suffering, and disappointment honestly, which feels like a kind invitation to hold your own journey with wonder, curiosity, and hope.” 

 Dwight J. Friesen, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology; co-author of The New Parish and Routes and Radishes; author of Thy Kingdom Connected


“Yes, the writing is exquisite. Yes, the imaginative weaving back and forth across the drama reels you in. But, is it possible for such bleeding poetry, intimate storytelling, and soulful metaphor to be practical? Applicable? Transformative even?  Kristen Kludt understands what a rare few writers know—that in her most particular and personal stories, you are going to see you! And when you do, you will be grateful to have an experienced guide.”

Paul Sparks, co-founder of the Parish Collective, co-author of The New Parish


“When our soul shivers in the dead of winter, feeling isolated and alone, we need a companion to guide us. Kristen Kludt grabs our hand and takes us on a journey through her disappointments and despair in order to show us A Good Way Through.  This book will help you develop hope that spring is on the way!”

JR Woodward, National Director of V3 Church Planting Movement, author of Creating A Missional Culture and The Church as Movement


“Reading A Good Way Through felt like someone was peering into my soul and putting into words emotions and longings that have never been articulated. This book will be a breath of fresh air for anyone looking for hope and understanding in the midst of disappointment, questions, and struggle.  And for those who aren’t currently walking through a trial, the tools you find here are ones you will want to tuck away for any dark days.  These words are a ray of sunlight and a welcome companion in every season.”

 Elizabeth Hunnicutt, singer-songwriter; worship pastor, Twin Lakes Church


“Kristen offers a much needed feminine voice to the darker side of being human.  With a humility seasoned by real life, she explores the complexities of pain, doubt, fear, disappointment, and uncertainty but doesn’t leave us there.  Instead, her gift as a spiritual guide paired with her commitment to a practiced life empower us beyond the muck and into new-found freedom and formation as God’s beloved.” 

Jer Swigart, Co-Founding Director, The Global Immersion Project


“As our world continues to rumble with opportunities for disembodiment, numbing and masking of our true selves, Kristen invites her readers to an alternative path of authenticity and wholeness. Offering guided practices, enchanting poetry and her vulnerable stories of friendship, bravery, mourning and motherhood, Kristen’s book connects with the heart of all of us and restores our hope for God’s light in darkness.”

Christiana Rice, Missional Leadership Coach and Trainer, Thresholds; co-author of To Alter the World


“None of us are impervious to traversing seasons of pain. And when such a season comes calling, we have a choice to make: Will we be swallowed under—or rather, will we let our pain transform us in ways that leave us better than we were before? Kristen Kludt has chosen the latter in A Good Way Through. And Kristen goes a step further by sharing the unique spiritual practices that helped her find her way. We need not wait for tragedy to strike before allowing our big and small losses to transform us. We can begin today—and reading this touching, personal, practical memoir is a great way to start.”

September Vaudrey, author of Colors of Goodbye: A Memoir of Holding On, Letting Go, and Reclaiming Joy in the Wake of Loss


“In A Good Way Through, Kristen stirs my soul to allow my time with the Lord to be a genuine outflow of my actual life; she spurs me on to not want to waste the precious time I do have, but to use it well, deeply, and wisely. This book is a gem, just like the heart from which it springs. Drink deeply.”

Stephanie Seefeldt, worship leader; music director, Zion Episcopal Church