About Kristen

Kristen Leigh Kludt is a Christian writer and a contemplative adventurer. Author of A Good Way Through and creator of Field Guides for the Way, she is growing daily toward a life of integrity and love and invites others to do the same. She lives, works, and plays in San Francisco's East Bay with her husband and two young sons. 

A public school teacher for seven years, Kristen is a dynamic speaker and a skilled educator. She speaks with passion and gentleness, creating safe spaces for groups to have honest, compelling conversation and to dive into spiritual practice together. Kristen believes we learn best through stories and practice and guides based on this belief. 

Kristen spends most days caring for her boys, with whom she enjoys exploring outside, playing with colors, and gardening. In quiet moments you'll probably find her drinking tea on her front porch with a journal and art supplies.


Kristen is available to speak and guide practice-based retreats and workshops. For more information, contact her here.