In celebration of friendship, I thought I would post this poem that I wrote for my dear friend Stephanie for her birthday last week.  Wishing you all friendships such as this - they are rare and precious.

For Stephanie
You hold my hand in the dark places
and we walk.
I was lost
in a catacombs I could not name
and in the naming of it –
together –
we found our way to the surface.
What magic
that in looking at each other
we find ourselves!
And we walk
down this open road
after yesterday’s
dark tunnel.
I walk with you
whether your heart breaks
or mine – we hold
together the broken
pieces, even if
their edges cut
our hands.
I bleed for you.
As he bled, we bleed;
by our wounds and his, together
we are healed.
And we walk
under the gnarled oaks of this dark valley,
under the bright sun of that green field.
What if your road goes one way
and mine another?
We will still hold hands
as the light fades,
and as a new day dawns.
You, most loyal of friends,
are brave enough to walk with me where you cannot go
and I am braver for your presence;
I could not walk this road alone.
So let us pause
while we still can
and watch the moon together
and breathe in the warm, salt air, rustling
the palms and our hair –
I walk with you;
I wait with you;

together we find our way home.


More poems like this one will be coming your way in The Dark in the Song.