Everett turns one and a half today. I wrote this poem over a year ago, in that impossible first few months of parenting.  He has changed so much since then, and so have I.  Happiest of half-birthdays, my sweet boy!
Fundamental as Water
wakens me in the middle of the night
It has always meant life, growth, refreshment, cleansing
And now it means wet laundry
a trip to the Laundromat we can’t afford
because time is precious
and energy dear.
Everything is the same
and yet everything’s different.
The same cat is a menace
the same sun is a danger
the same friend, a life-saver.
Never before has a shower felt so good
luxurious water
warm, caressing, cleansing
the scent of soap, satisfying as a meal.
Nothing is the same
and everything is different –
I do not recognize the face in the mirror.