We just came home from another beautiful weekend in the Channel Islands.  It was Everett's first visit outside the womb - last time we went I was five months pregnant.  He camped like a champ.  The weekend was a lovely gift in the midst of this rather tumultuous season.  The lines of this poem came to me one or two at a time over the weekend.  I hope you enjoy it.

Channel Islands, May 2014
The dry grass piles before my toes
like soft snow
I look to the hills
the golden invaders
have taken over hill and valley
and you hold me in the palm
of your warm hand
I walk the hills
wade the rushing river of wind and shadow
rolling tumbling rolling tumbling
my shadow is tall
like a mountain
(rolling tumbling
rolling tumbling)
my heart is warm
and wide
We are all grasses bending in the same wind

A voice speaks in the night: “Come.”