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Every Tuesday afternoon, Everett’s friend Everett comes over to play. They miss each other on days they don’t get to play. They make each other giggle late into the night when they have sleepovers. They are the best of buddies, like brothers. Some days, they also fight like brothers.

On Tuesday, the moment they walked in the door, they both wanted to “be the baby.” Everything of Asher’s was suddenly the most desirable toy in the room. We are trying to teach Everett that part of hospitality is allowing a guest to play with whatever he or she wants, because he can play with his toys any time. On Tuesday, this just wasn’t working. Asher’s play gym was in Toy Jail within fifteen minutes.

I was making lunch when I overheard these words from Everett’s bedroom: “Everett Kludt, you are SO nice! You’re my best friend!”

The boys came running out to show me. “Mama, I did something so nice for Other Everett! I gave him my other hat!”

Everett has a Lightning McQueen Disneyland hat that he adores. He wears it every day, even sleeps in it sometimes. He lost it a few months ago, and because he has a very generous aunt, ended up with two replacements. He has been thrilled with this the last few weeks, often wearing two hats at a time.

I clarified with him, “You gave it to him to borrow, or you gave it to him forever and ever?”

“Forever and ever!”

Both boys were grinning ear-to-ear, and I was so proud of my little boy.

The rest of the day was a breeze. Through one act of generosity, Everett changed the course of the afternoon. Now both boys were happily sharing toys back and forth, playing baby and trains and bouncing on the couch (which we encourage).

Have two, give one. This is a command I rarely follow.

On Wednesday, Everett spent two hours carefully putting heart stickers all over valentines for his class, his family, and our neighbors. Twenty valentines in, he said, delighted, “Mama, these hearts will make my children at school so happy!” I have so much to learn from my son.

Our church family at Open Door has been bringing us meals three times a week since Asher was born seven weeks ago. We have several weeks of meals still coming. Dave said to me the other night, “What if once a week we just made a double portion and brought someone a meal?” I love the idea. I’m not quite ready for it yet, but maybe soon.

I’m going to watch for opportunities to be generous. What can I do today?

Nikki, I’m putting those yoga pants in the mail. They fit you better anyway.