It's been an incredible weekend of learning, inspiration, and connecting at the Inhabit Conference.  I wrote this poem this evening, based on the beautiful, inspiring words of Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil.

And We Say Yes
In the beginning God created:
God created them,
yes, God created them.
And God said:
“Come, let us go down,”
and the Lord came down.
 And God said:
 “I will show you,
I will;
I will bless you,
I will,
and you will be a blessing.”
God said fill the earth,
fill the whole earth -
and the whole earth is filled with God’s glory -
because God cannot be expressed
in one expression of human beings.
And God said:
“You are the Imago Dei;
see me on display.”
You can take it down –
take it to the East,
take it to the North
to the South, to the West -
take the Imago Dei on display.
And everybody was saying yes,
Lord yes, until
it became: I shall
not, I shall not
be moved.
And God said:
“I’ve got a plan for the whole earth,
not just those who get your jokes.”
So you will move.
Now here’s what I see:
We have to be careful where we settle and what
we settle for;
where you settle could be where
you die –
because the money ran out,
and the hope ran out.
But no –
you can keep the movement going if you try.
Will you say yes,
Lord yes?
With my whole-scared-broken heart I will say:


Give us the grace to do now what we profess.