These are the questions I have been pondering lately. Perhaps they will resonate with you, too.

  1. What are the gifts of this season? (I’m thinking about autumn harvest, darkening days, memories that grow stronger this time of year, longings I can’t quite name…)
  2. What do I desire? Where do these desires come from?
  3. A new thing is dawning for me, and I am not sure exactly what it will look like. In light of that, I ask, who am I becoming? And, as I change, what abides? (What have I always worked toward, though in different ways? What continues to bring me joy?)

Sometimes my more fruitful conversations with God are the ones in which I ask a lot of questions. I try not to ask them just once or twice, but to hold them for a week or two, perhaps longer. Maybe answers will come, and maybe I will only see them years from now, looking back.

What questions are you asking?


P.S. If you don’t know, my book (A Good Way Through: My Journey with God from Disappointment into Hope) will be coming out February 21, 2017. We will be celebrating on the evening of March 11, in the East Bay. If you are local to the Bay Area, or if you need an excuse to visit, save the date!