Dear friends,

If I were to name the essence of my spiritual life (not its theology or beliefs, but its practice) I would say this: When we open ourselves to God’s love through spiritual practice, God transforms us.

I have felt much freedom and grace since naming this truth. I don’t need to overanalyze my spiritual growth; I don’t need to evaluate whether or not I really believe what I profess; I don’t need to measure my closeness to God with some cosmic yardstick. I simply need to walk—to continue to move toward God in practical, real ways—and transformation follows.

I first discovered this truth in a season of hardship. My old ways of connecting with God didn’t resonate the way they had before. I struggled with depression and fear about who I was deep in my soul. With the guidance of mentors and friends, I tried new (and old) practices, which opened me in a new way to God’s love, and that love transformed me. The book I wrote about that revelation, A Good Way Through, releases next week. 

But here’s the thing: My story and practices are not enough. Yes, I believe they will be helpful to other people and many kinds of people will find truths and practices that speak to them in its pages, but that is not enough. The way God speaks to each of us is as unique as we are.

And so, it is with great joy and gratitude that I announce a guest blog series, beginning right here one week from today.

For at least the next six months, each Thursday I will share a new story and practice, writings collected from (so far) 26 friends: writers, teachers, accountants, pastors, mothers, and filmmakers. These are wise practitioners of the Christian faith, and I know the collection will be robust, varied and insightful. I am honored to host such a series. I sense already the blessing it will be.

Get excited, my friends. Good things are coming.