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A Good Way Through


Sorry About the Crickets--An Update

my perpetually-messy workspace

my perpetually-messy workspace


One month from today, A Good Way Through will be released into the world.

On February 18, 2014 I awoke at four o-clock in the morning with the sudden knowledge that there was a book I needed to write. Many of you were there at the beginning, when we successfully funded the Kickstarter campaign that made the writing of the book possible. Nearly three years later, I am blown away by the grace upon grace that has come my way. As the birth of this book rapidly approaches, I feel many things--excitement, stress, anxiety, joy--but covering all of them is a blanket of gratitude.

The blog has been quiet for a while as I have turned my attention elsewhere--the fun and not-so-fun aspects of marketing, polishing the production of the book, and ordinary living as a wife, mother and friend. I am enjoying the tasks of life that keep me grounded. Playing "Christmas morning" with the boys like it's Groundhog Day. Doing dishes and listening to music while Dave takes the boys for a neighborhood walk. Sitting on my front porch in the rain. Vacuuming. Though sometimes it feels like I can't afford the time it takes, I am committed to spending a few quiet moments with God every day--sitting in silence, reading a verse or two, and often responding with colored pencils or paint or a tiny collage. Those quiet moments make the rest of life feel manageable and good.

I wonder sometimes about "life after." Will life after the book is released feel exactly the same or completely different or somewhere in between? I am about to let go of something I've been building for three years, and I don't know what it will feel like when I'm not working toward it anymore. 

What are you working toward? What are you waiting for? And what are the things that ground you in seasons of anticipation?

Thank you, friends, who have been following this unfolding story. Thirty-one days to go.





Book Update!


Dear friends,

Many of you know that for the last three years I have been working on a book.  It began with a kickstarter campaign to pay for a babysitter so I could write.  (Thank you to the many of you who were part of that!)

The last three years of work on this book have been a journey up a very steep learning curve.  After much prayer and thought and a lot of great conversations with knowledgeable people, I decided in January to move forward with self-publication, and I am thrilled.

In self-publishing, I am not beholden to a bottom line like a traditional publisher, so there is more freedom to do what feels right for the book, regardless of marketability.  I also have the opportunity  to experience the process of making a book from start to finish - a complex and fascinating process.  And, as a friend told me recently, I get to figure out what exactly I'm about before I submit that to someone else's authority.

Right now I am in the process of completing the final revisions - distilling the book down to exactly what it is supposed to be.  I am working with a fabulous editor, Paul J. Pastor, and already much clarity has come from our collaboration.  I am gathering a wonderful team of people around me to handle the elements I can't create myself, like copyediting and design.  It is such a joy to watch all of this unfold!

The book is about my journey of discovering God's love in difficult times through spiritual practice.  It is part story, part guide, and my great hope is that it is helpful to anyone struggling through a difficult or transitional season.  The title we have settled on is A Good Way Through.

If you would like updates on the publication of A Good Way Through, you can sign up for my email list here.  If all goes as planned, it should be available sometime early in 2017.

Blessings, my friends!  Thank you for reading.