Field Guides for the Way

Seasonal spiritual practice kits delivered to your door


Field Guides for the Way offer the intentionality and practice of a contemplative retreat woven into your everyday life. Each beautifully curated kit contains invitations and supplies for a journey deeper into your relationship with God, your own heart, your life.


We have access to far more information than we know what to do with, but the spiritual journey is one of transformation, not information. Field Guides for the Way invite the integration of our knowledge into lived practice through tactile, creative spiritual practices rooted in the Christian tradition. They are an invitation to actively explore the exciting terrain of God’s vast and infinite love.


Subscribe and you will receive four spiritual practice kits, one each season for a year. Each kit will contain materials for a creative, contemplative journey: reflection prompts, stories, poems, instructions and supplies for practices, and tangible reminders of God’s love for you. 


Kristen and Stephanie, both educators by profession, have been exploring creative spiritual practice together for a decade. Now, they offer some of the gifts of insight they’ve been given to you with the hope that you might, by the power of God’s Spirit, experience transformation. When we open ourselves and enter into God’s love, we are made new.


Like most good things, Field Guides are better when shared. If you are able, we encourage you 

to find a friend or a group and take the journey together.